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Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Engineering Turnkey Project

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Solutions Provider

Engineering Turnkey Project (Government, Education [University])
  • P&C will customize the equipment, jig and fixture to fulfil the research and study purpose for the relevant department or education centre like university and college.

Jig & Fixture
  • P&C and design team will customize the equipment, jig and fixture to fulfil the industrial use for their product quality assurance, product making, and etc.

On Line Performance Monitoring – wastewater treatment system & air emission
  • On line performance monitoring system for water discharge and air emission is encouraged by the government. This is to ensure the system efficiency and reduce the pollution to environment and build up a green living environment.

PLC Control Panel
  • Control panel is special design for the automation control system in different usage. Such as industrial effluent treatment system, water treatment system, manufacturing process control system and etc.

Compressor supply (include air piping installation)
  • P&C supply low noise and high efficiency compressor that suit for various type of usage.

Industrial Effluent Treatment System use chemical
  • Acid chloride, Caustic soda, Polymer, Defoamer, Acid Sulphuric and etc.
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