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Environmental Engineering

Industrial Effluent Treatment System

Environmental Engineering Solutions Provider

Industrial Effluent Treatment System (All industrial: Garment, Food, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Metal, Paper Coating, Chemical Manufacturing & etc.) & Sewage Treatment
  • The industrial effluent need to be treated before discharge to any inland water.
  • P&C help to design the treatment system to treat the industrial effluent by using physical, chemical or biological treatment.
  • The installation and design is approved by Department of Environment.

Water Treatment System (DI/ RO/ UPW)
  • Water been treated before using in production process such as wafer cleaning, product cleaning, machine cleaning or etc.
  • P&C will design the water treatment system based on the customer require capacity and specification.

Scrubber System/ Dust Collector/ Spray Booth/ Boiler/ Oven/ Dryer – air pollution control engineering design
  • The air emission that contains dust, fume, mist or other volatile compound particulate shall be control with engineering equipment.
  • P&C will provide the system that can reduce the air pollution to our atmosphere.
  • The installation and design is approved by Department of Environment.

Factory/ Warehouse/ Building Ventilation
  • Install the ventilation in enclosed building or warehouse to increase the air flow velocity and to reduce the in-house contaminate particulate.
  • P&C will design the system based on the building layout to ensure the customer satisfaction.

Waste Management (Scheduled & Electronics)
  • The waste that listed under Scheduled I, Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations 2005 is categorized at Scheduled waste.
  • P&C will advice and manage those scheduled waste.

  • Drawing endorsed by Professional Engineer (IR)
  • Specified Designer for Water & Air pollution control engineering
  • Waste Management Specialist
  • Design approved by Department of Environment
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